I Know You ~ National Poetry Month, Day 13

It is the steely clear-blue
Lake water
Cool and clean
Up to my thighs…

It is the homemade
strawberry ice cream
From up the road
Melty and sweet
licked from the cone…

It is your country roads
deep and tangley
A leafy fortress
Of knotted limbs
and tousled hair

It is a hazy orange summer dusk
With every last window thrown open
And that old song on the radio

It is a steamy stack
Of pancakes
At the corner table
Sticky syrup on your mouth

It is swinging from
The rope swing
Chin to the sky
Under a pale slice of moon
In your overgrown backyard

It is your hand
Broad and seeking
And feet
Always square on the ground

Your lungs
And voice –
Like familiar honey…

It is when you say,
I know you.

boat ~ National Poetry Month, Day 11

You were the boat and I was the shore
A gentle harbor from a bone splitting
Dark wood edged into wet sand…

How I couldn’t wait to fill you
With secret treasure
With whispery sea songs and long forgotten maps
How I couldn’t
wait to take to the high rolling water
With you
We would cut through salty brine
Waves crashing over your bough
Birds dipping and racing us
Toward a
never-ending horizon
Laughing under the blackness of ocean nights
Rolling in frothy storms
Of our own
Tangled in slippery seaweed –
Inseparable, finally.

fallen ~ National Poetry Month, Day 10

You have fallen now, haven’t you?
Not like
a star…
brilliant and cosmic,
tearing through an otherwise inky
blue-black night,
leaving a dusty golden trail.
Not graceful and furious
as the bellowing water
over the high craggy falls.
Fallen like an old crippled tree in the mud…
and snapping branches
on the long slow way down.
Pulling up gnarled roots
from the watery muck,
so that every last little thing
is exposed.
Then, silently going under,
like all dead fallen things do,
into the cool dark
But now is your chance.
You are left on your belly.
They come cutting over you with their boots…
But they do not see you
You are forgetting.
Humbly giving back.
You are combing through the roots.
Separating what you will need,
as the bugs and vines take you.
And down there,
in the deepest darkest dirt,
you begin again.
To feel.
To grow.
The pulsing seed in your chest,
is ready…
To rise again.

All ~ National Poetry Month, Day 9

Let me tell you something, baby…
We are goners –
Every last one of us.
Pull that rickety chair up real close
Let me smell the whiskey on your breath
Let me look
For just a moment
Beyond your webbing
Your constructs
Your highgrounds.
We haven’t got long –
Of that I’m certain
It’s time to panic, love…
Get the candles and vodka
Let me kiss your eyes
Let me hold you
Interlacing fingers
Eyebrow to eyebrow
All this electricity wants
And snaps for a connection
Crawling the walls.
So let’s just admit…
We’re dead and gone
We’re bone dust and sentimental stories
Why hurt, ache, and suffer?
Let’s have it all
Feast from my palm
This darkness and light
Curl into this bright idea
Wrap it around your shoulders…
You can have it all.

Savasana ~ National Poetry Month, Day 8

My skin hangs
On golden bones
The structure of my history
My secrets… and truths
This life and what came before
All pieces connected
And shining now.

It is finished
We are satisfied –
Exhausted, and gently smiling…

Clean luminous blood
Courses through our limbs
Our breath, settling now
Intertwines in the low light
Deep purple plumes.

For just this split second,
We are gratitude
We are peace
We are love

We see each other

Cage ~ National Poetry Month, Day 6

The cage is full
We like to lick the metal
Kiss my knuckles
Hug your knees
Take the concrete
Tuck your wings in
For now, fallen one…

You can see the light
Murky and pink –
Through the keyhole
That’s enough, sometimes.

You can hear the voices
If you press your ear
To the floor.

Don’t speak
Don’t sing
Don’t ever cry

Just hide
Behind your ribs
Just say
It’s all the same
To me.

Shoulder to shoulder
We smell like memories
Of salty sunsets
We taste like hope –
The brightest, dirtiest kind.

We shake our love
On each other
Behind the bars.

love song ~ National Poetry Month, Day 5

Oh my dear,
You better love me
With a force
I cannot

You better love me
With the strength of the willow tree
out back…
With the capacity of storm sails
To weather
My heavy electric wind…
You cannot catch this –
With your bare hands.

My dear, I love you…

I cannot tame this holy hell
I have grown around –

I will love you with my teeth…
I will love you with the tips
Of my fingers,
And the flat of my palms…
With all my weight and sadness
And joy.
I will love you until
You cannot breathe.

I will separate you
From your physical body –
To have you completely
To be inside your center
Once and for all…

I love you
From the unnamed place
My wolf heart…

So, my sweet…
You better bring the rope
The shiny guns and arrows…

Because my love is brutal
And blunt.
If you can hold me,
I’m yours.