energy ~ National Poetry Month, Day 26

I want to tell you something
I want you
To ebb into me
I want it to be effortless
Like it was your own idea

I want the moment to skip jump
To freeze
To last forever
I want to taste the inside
Of your mouth

While I feel you
Tasting me

It’s true, I’m broken
You’re right, I’m lost
There are pieces of me
And that’s why
You feel me

The holes in me leak
Energy seeping
Into the warm earth
And definitely
In To You

But just for a moment
Just for this life
I want to
Feel you run
Into me.

Prudence ~ National Poetry Month, Day 25

She comes in with a clatter
And throws herself
In the corner chair
Her hair is wild
A tangle of twigs
And forest muck
Her blouse undone
Breasts caked in mud
She smells of clove
And cigarettes
She is worn
That I can see…
She pulls her skirt
To her thighs
And unhooks her stockings
Bright ivory skin
Down to her ankles
I am breathless
“It’s gone.”
She tells me
“The words have left me.”

One love ~ National Poetry Month, Day 24

Today, I will find the light
I will peel back branches and leaves
Scale the slippery shadows
And I will
Find the light.
If it’s not out my front door
If it’s not down the road,
I will seek it inside
My Self
Pulling back cloudy curtains
Shaking out blue black dust
Knocking down the cinder blocks
Until I feel it on my face
Lingering in the glow
Appreciative of the warmth
I will hold it with both hands
And share it with you
Today, I will not ask
But I will give
From my heart
That is just like your heart
And I will give and give and give
Some more.
Today, I will not
Speak sadness or anger or regret
I will speak of love
The love that is one
That belongs to us, and links us
Let us remember
We are the beautiful light
Gushing through our veins…
Let us not forget
We belong here peacefully
We belong to each other.

In the Valley ~ National Poetry Month, Day 23

The shepherd takes her
To the grassy valley
Beneath the power lines
And they lie on the warm hood
Of his Buick
He puts two tabs on her tongue
And tells her to close her eyes
She wants nothing more
Than to keep them open.
The stars are purple sometimes
And other times the sky splits
In pockets of pink
If you watch close enough
You can see where it all begins
And ends.
The shepherd is not interested
In what she has to say
But he loves the taste
Of her pretty mouth

Stillness ~ National Poetry Month, Day 22

I came across the pond
In the shifting stillness
of morning…
The world around
wrapped in bedsheets
Hushed and tossing in dawn dreams
I am sleepless, chilled –
barefoot on the trail.
I wander
off, away, following nothing…
Hearing the morning unravel
Fog lifting
Insects awakening
Heavy wings gliding overhead…
The pond water is unmoving
Oily thick
It mirrors back my reflection –
dark, alone, speechless…
Then, within moments, my desire
to find a rock, a stone, a pebble even
And toss it directly into the
of the inky flatness of that water
To see
What should happen
To see
The ripples one by one
growing, emanating outward
gravitating toward the shore
To see
The stillness disrupted.
I chose a perfect stone
oblong and smooth
I rolled it between
my thumb and forefinger…
I put it in my pocket,
And took it home.

stone ~ National Poetry Month, Day 20

Your love is like a church floor
Whispery quiet

I want to lay
My tired hot skin
Belly down
Cheek pressed
Arms outstretched
On its marbled surface

I want to breathe
The incense
Hear the echoing footfalls
And listen to
The hushed solemn prayers…

Your eyes
Two all-knowing full moons
carved in stone
Regard me

I do not want
The yellowing pages
I do not want
The crown
I do not want

I want your stony arms
To lead me
Down the dusty corridor
To your crumbling stature
To You,
silent and in ruins.

The candles burn and drip
Casting a low watery glow
And I pray
Fingers interlaced
To turn to stone.