Other Side

We are cut from the same cloth
You and I…
Threadbare olive satin
Pulled thin over jutting collar bones
Hiked up over our hips
At times
Dragging in the dirt.

We see eye to eye
You and I…
Charcoal ash winks
Stolen behind the door jam
Rolling tears under a canopy
Of papery gold flecked trees
Never looking directly –
Only at the periphery
But mostly we lock our lashes

We are birds of a feather
You and I…
Bandaged wings
Broken onyx feathers
We glide sideways
Through the dusky veil
Clapping like thunder
Under his tongue.

We are sisters of the heart, twins of the soul
You and I…
Flesh pulled from bone
We rely on our teeth.

I hear your light
You smell my electricity
Searching with hooks and twine
You cut me from the cloud cover
With bright sewing scissors
While I lick you from the sea cliffs
With my snow-capped tongue.

I wouldn’t dare love you
Or, keep you.

We exist by making ourselves
Infinitesimally small
We live by skimming the surface
Where the trees have been scraped
Of their faces
We live
By holding still between brick and mortar…

But I know your name
Just as you know mine
We call endlessly to each other
Eating our own echoes
On the other side
Of a lifetime.

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