silence ~ National Poetry Month, Day 30

The truth, my dear… is that I’m tired of talking.
I have run my mouth
All over you…
About you.
For you.
Painting you with every shade and detail
Deep primary hues
And heavenly shadows…
Breaking the sky
Then holding my breath
For what?
Your foggy white silence presses back in return
I’m tired.
My words are rolling in on themselves
Spiraling into tight knots
This is no longer
Our intricate conversation…
It can’t only be
Songs about you.
Oh, but it’s not your fault –
Look what I’ve made you.
How I’ve formed you with my lips
My hollow hands
A menagerie, a cacophony…
A bleeding harmony –
How can you live up to that?
You were captive – a prisoner
In my wanting limbs
My hungry thoughts
My words
It’s just as well –
I will take my bell jars, and empty bones
My bottomless lakes
And crystallized seashells
I’ll take them all back to the blue mountains
With the crumbling rocky face,
the red poppy flowers…
It’s where they rightfully belong
I’ll pour them into my chest
Into my hazy drunken third eye
Into my wandering wolf heart
I’ll let all the words resettle like sparkling silt
In the shallows , where they are safe
I’ll leave you be
Alone with your own high thoughts
Flags pulled taut by the offshore breeze
And, baby…
we’ll both wrap ourselves

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