Stillness ~ National Poetry Month, Day 22

I came across the pond
In the shifting stillness
of morning…
The world around
wrapped in bedsheets
Hushed and tossing in dawn dreams
I am sleepless, chilled –
barefoot on the trail.
I wander
off, away, following nothing…
Hearing the morning unravel
Fog lifting
Insects awakening
Heavy wings gliding overhead…
The pond water is unmoving
Oily thick
It mirrors back my reflection –
dark, alone, speechless…
Then, within moments, my desire
to find a rock, a stone, a pebble even
And toss it directly into the
of the inky flatness of that water
To see
What should happen
To see
The ripples one by one
growing, emanating outward
gravitating toward the shore
To see
The stillness disrupted.
I chose a perfect stone
oblong and smooth
I rolled it between
my thumb and forefinger…
I put it in my pocket,
And took it home.

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