One love ~ National Poetry Month, Day 24

Today, I will find the light
I will peel back branches and leaves
Scale the slippery shadows
And I will
Find the light.
If it’s not out my front door
If it’s not down the road,
I will seek it inside
My Self
Pulling back cloudy curtains
Shaking out blue black dust
Knocking down the cinder blocks
Until I feel it on my face
Lingering in the glow
Appreciative of the warmth
I will hold it with both hands
And share it with you
Today, I will not ask
But I will give
From my heart
That is just like your heart
And I will give and give and give
Some more.
Today, I will not
Speak sadness or anger or regret
I will speak of love
The love that is one
That belongs to us, and links us
Let us remember
We are the beautiful light
Gushing through our veins…
Let us not forget
We belong here peacefully
We belong to each other.

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