Lion ~ National Poetry Month, Day 17

I am a lion sleeping
In the embrace of a red sun
Golden fur stretched over my ribs
Eyes half closed…

Teeth resting
Around a velvety pink

My appetite, temporarily satiated
Claws, pawing gently
In the dry dust
Breath, calm
In the crushing heat

I am a lion
Nuzzling your neck
Your clavicle
Your jugular
My deep thundering purr
rattling you awake

I want to lick your fur
You want to lick my eyes
Let’s tangle and roam
Through the yellow grass.

Don’t be afraid, pretty baby
I’m not hungry yet…
There is such tenderness
Before the kill.

When the sun dips down
And leaves us purple shadows…
You had better run for the rocks –
You had better hide…
Because I smell fear
And it tastes like honey.

You will need to fold yourself
Deep deep deep
Into the shelter of the hillside
And pray to God
I don’t catch your scent.


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