Inside ~ National Poetry Month, Day 18

With one hand on our chest
And the other –
Palm to palm…
We hover in the embers
Of this brilliant connection.
Your fingertips have brushed
The lifted ridges of
My peeling paint
Now, they begin to see
The picture beneath.

You let me cross your skin
Into your deepest oldest landscape
A purple asphalt road
Cutting through the desert
I hold the hot flowers
To my lips
And head for the hills
Wild grass and cool wind
Bells clanging from below
An amber lake filled
with sapphire fish
I dive in head first
Submerged in your core…

I’m loving you from the inside
There are no maps –
Only uncharted beauty
I press my back into the damp earth
Until you call me home…

I find you on an exhale
Your hand still holding
Still holding your moving heart
Now it’s your turn
To come inside.


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