This Body ~ National Poetry Month, Day 15

This body does not belong to me
I cannot keep it
It is not mine
It is but a temporary gift
given of grace
A holy vessel to see and move and feel…
Behind the skin, mapped with constellations
A smattering of freckles…
My pieces are contained
some stitched, some torn,
some wandering completely free
amongst synapses and tendons
That part…
Is mine
That is where I recognize you

In time, I will relinquish it…
The heart and lungs and teeth
To the heavens, to the earth.
And when I do,
I hope you ignite my bones
and dance over them
like a tower of forest kindling
I hope you sing
and throw your chest to the sky.

Because that is where I will be
Reflecting, remembering, honoring
This body
That let me love you
With every last piece of it.


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