I Know You ~ National Poetry Month, Day 13

It is the steely clear-blue
Lake water
Cool and clean
Up to my thighs…

It is the homemade
strawberry ice cream
From up the road
Melty and sweet
licked from the cone…

It is your country roads
deep and tangley
A leafy fortress
Of knotted limbs
and tousled hair

It is a hazy orange summer dusk
With every last window thrown open
And that old song on the radio

It is a steamy stack
Of pancakes
At the corner table
Sticky syrup on your mouth

It is swinging from
The rope swing
Chin to the sky
Under a pale slice of moon
In your overgrown backyard

It is your hand
Broad and seeking
And feet
Always square on the ground

Your lungs
And voice –
Like familiar honey…

It is when you say,
I know you.


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